CSCI 3370 Assembly Language Programming

Student Feedback

  • He provided many resources for us to use. His lectures were very detailed and clear. He included a lot of helpful examples in his lectures and went through them clearly and step-by-step.

  • He seems to really care that we understand the information and is extremely helpful in providing the means to do so.

  • He communicated frequently with us outside of the class through email and was always available to listen if we had any questions or concerns. I never felt confused or lost at any point during the semester, nor did I feel like I was really struggling with the material.

  • He taught the lesson very well. Included a great number of examples, had us try some on our own, and walked us through them. I liked this type of teaching and wish other professors did the same.

  • Very glad I took this class! Thanks so much for all your help and patience!